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The Vision

The Energy Project envisions a world where all schools, regardless of resources, possess the roadmap to drive sustainability. Our ambition is to foster an adaptable and impactful model of sustainable energy innovation, sparking a worldwide shift towards environmentally conscious education and responsible energy workforce development. We see a future where business practices globally respect our planet, and an education system that readies the next generation to uphold and progress this essential endeavor.

Arenas of Innovation

Water Sustainability

Focused on responsible water use and conservation, this arena also explores innovations like water purification and access to ensure a sustainable supply for all.

Waste Management

Revolutionize the way we handle waste, from reducing landfill usage to promoting recycling and upcycling. It seeks to create a circular economy where waste is minimized and resources are reused.

Power Generation

Centered on the development of clean, efficient, and renewable energy sources, this arena is dedicated to reducing the global carbon footprint and mitigating the effects of climate change.

Conscious Consumerism

Encouraging consumers to make ethical and sustainable choices. It explores the development of eco-friendly products and services, as well as the promotion of fair trade and ethical sourcing.

Urban Design

Creating sustainable and livable cities, this arena explores innovations in transportation, green spaces, and smart infrastructure to improve the quality of life for urban residents.

The Energy Project is designed to cultivate the next wave of skilled leaders in energy and sustainability. Our program is built on six core elements:

Integrated Learning

Integrated Learning: Through field trips and interviews, we foster personal growth, community engagement, and environmental awareness.

Industry Mentorship

Executives from local startups offer students real-world experience and insights.

Innovative Thinking

With Stanford's lecturer, students learn problem-solving through design thinking.

Practical Skills

TXRX Labs provides hands-on technical training to turn ideas into prototypes.

Academic Guidance

Rice University MBA students mentor our participants, refining crucial soft skills.

Business Coaching

Industry subject matter experts & mentors help students turn prototypes into business plans, focusing on entrepreneurship.

Participating Schools

  • Energy Institute High School, Texas
  • Camden Hills Regional High School, Maine

University Mentors

  • Rice University

Corporate Sponsors

  • Worldwide Oilfield Machine
  • Ally Energy
  • Artemis Energy

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